Who We Are

Below is a list of contacts at Northeast Packaging Company. If you don’t know who you should be in touch with, send us a message via our online form here.

Robert Umphrey, President
p: 207-764-6271

Chris Burtchell, General Manager
p: 207-764-6271

Domenic Bua, Sales Manager
e: dbua@nepcobags.com
p: 207-764-6271     x3

David Bonville, Logistics/Warehouse
e: dbonville@nepcobags.com
p: 207-764-6271     x2

Michelle Corriveau, Customer Service
e: michellem@nepcobags.com
p: 207-764-6271     x1

Ken Joy, Sales Representative
p: 978-425-6182

Megan Delong, Accounting Manager
e: mdelong@nepcobags.com
p: 207-764-6271     x6

Dave Novak, Production Manager
e: dnovak@nepcobags.com
p: 207-764-6271     x4

Tanya Mastro, Customer Service/Prepress Graphic Design
e: tmastro@nepcobags.com
p: 207-764-6271     x0

Brandy Dumais, Human Resources/Customer Service
e: bdumais@nepcobags.com
p: 207-764-6271     x9